Working on a game for steam.

2013-02-17 20:13:16 by Zakuga

I've been doing art for this game:

We need people to support it on steam by clicking the "YES, Thumbs up button", if you awesome peeps could that would be sweeet >8D

do that here>> s/?id=92971046

Posting this here because NG is my fav internet community.


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2013-02-17 20:25:13

Well, yeah I wanted to click the YES button, but I haven't bought a game on steam yet, lol. So I could click it :S

Zakuga responds:

Thank you for trying ! ><


2013-02-17 20:29:11



2013-02-17 21:56:22

Why do you have to be a genius?

Zakuga responds:

I don't know XD


2013-02-17 21:58:16

Also, I don't understand why people are calling the game "Trippy." It's a game with lots of colors, not games that give people seizures.

Zakuga responds:

;) It's not suppose to be trippy you're right. It's just colorful.