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Mei Overwatch Slightly Animated

2016-06-27 22:32:36 by Zakuga


I slightly animated the drawing I did of Mei a little bit ago. Since it's not a real animation, I'm not going to upload it to NG. But here is the youtube if you care to see it with sound. 


I made a GIF out of my art
Light through trees


Music Soundcloud:

MAGfest 2016

2016-01-29 19:03:51 by Zakuga

I'll be attending MAGfest this year to show case a game that will be published on Steam and XBox Live. 

If anyone else from NG will be going, I hope you stop by to beta the game!

We will have a game competition for most kills in a time frame. We might have a cupcake competition too.



Wanting to design Game Characters

2014-11-23 15:50:02 by Zakuga

WAIT! BEFORE YOU SEND ME A PM! If you're doing something for profit, yes, I'd like to have a small cut, since you'll be making money. Thats fair for everyone. Credit me, c'mon, don't use my art and not credit me. That just makes me and all artist reluctant to draw for anyone. Don't PM and act cocky like I owe it to you. Please have respect and class when PMing. //ThnkYou //StupidSmile. 



I'd like to help design characters for games being made, possible fighters, flash RPGs.

Catch? Yes, sorry, I'd like to work with more professional programmers..e.g. a game that is actually being worked on and will be made. 

Please contact me if you'd like Background design, or character design. 

Don't contact if you're wanting to make a game, but then stop when you realize that making a game may take a year and a crap ton of dedication. 

(I know I should post this into "Looking for ", but it has been my experience that a lot of people LFW don't realize the dedication yet required I'll post there too, so don't tell me how to live my life ><). jk :P

8T pfffttt


Stuff & examples.




2718215_141677579852_nonn3rs_camping-spot.jpg 2718215_141677579772_zakuga_tantibus-daemon.jpg2718215_141677579312_tumblr_ndemfogCNm1s6552io1_1280.png


I'm kawaii desu mother fakker

2014-03-09 00:50:30 by Zakuga



BTW sorry I couldn't make it to MAG FEST !!!! Next FEST/con I  your dear little artist will be there. 



MAGFest 2014! I'll be there!

2013-11-22 15:03:59 by Zakuga

Hi GUYS! GUUUUUUUYS! My group and I will be at MAG Fest, MD 2014! I hope to see you guys there. I'll be there as the 2D artist for Galactose: Pastries in Space! I hope you'll come and visit our booth! Maybe demo our game!

This is the concept art for the main character for the game. Our blog has more deets if you want, about MAG and us

MAGFest 2014! I'll be there!

Happy Vet's day my comrades

2013-11-11 16:29:10 by Zakuga

My Awesome brother joined the military over 4 years ago, because he said he wanted to help people. Now he is a great combat medic. Owed to you my brother a picture to one of your favorite songs. "Safe & Sound".

Thank you for serving America.

Happy Vet's day my comrades

Never forget. The struggle of sugarpeas. Programmers can't market

2013-09-15 16:33:04 by Zakuga

Video game programmers suck ass at marketing

For literally months we've been working on a game. It's on steam green-light (Greenlight Game). We need like 60,000 people to check the "yes" button on steam and so far we have like 8,000. Ugh
It's gotten the to the point their like:
"Does anyone know how to market?"
I'm like: "sugar peas?"
They're like: "Who let the concept artist inside again?"
"Get her out of the meeting"
Me: "wait guys-- SUGAR PEAS!~uhgmurffle
/tackled and dragged out of room*
Sugar peeeeeeeeeaaaaas~

Never forget. The struggle of sugarpeas 9/15/2013.

Does anyone in this vast boney but beautiful website of Newgrounds know how to market? I can give you a cookie and some milk for giving advice, actually like half a cookie, just split it with me, okay?

Never forget. The struggle of sugarpeas. Programmers can't market

..I had a crazy dream Newgrounds

2013-09-11 15:25:23 by Zakuga

And you were in it...

You know you spend too much time online when your dreams are online.

Scan that with your phone.
Trust me I'm an artist ;P

..I had a crazy dream Newgrounds

I'm back (Did anyone miss me?)

2013-09-06 17:15:34 by Zakuga

Nope? OKAY!
Sugar-peas! Drop 'em!
But I am back and still working on a game on steam my steam game and drawing for various animations and doing commissions and such.
I've missed the peer reviews of Newgrounds.

I've drawn myself as a Hetalia character. I'm Prussian and I live somewhere in the most northern area around Ice. :P

I'm back (Did anyone miss me?)

Working on a game for steam.

2013-02-17 20:13:16 by Zakuga

I've been doing art for this game:

We need people to support it on steam by clicking the "YES, Thumbs up button", if you awesome peeps could that would be sweeet >8D

do that here>> s/?id=92971046

Posting this here because NG is my fav internet community.